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Hidden away surrounded by 150 acres of rolling pastures with  long views over the peninsula a possible renovation evolved into a new house when the costs and limitations of extensions and refurbishment were assessed.


This was preferable because a new build will give the opportunity to optimize siting, planning and orientation and to ensure that the design meets the client’s current and future needs.

The brief was that the house design should suit a couple or ten people all year round, which it does by being able to be zoned by using large strategically placed sliding doors.


Where- ever one is in the house long views and picture windows will allow for a close connection to the landscape. The upper level master bedroom suite will enjoy particularly expansive views and a private northern terrace.

The plan is to move the vehicular access that divides the house from the tennis court and the pool. In the future the living spaces and garden will flow naturally via eastern and northern decks to this area encouraging greater use.


The proposal is generously proportioned inside and out, it is surrounded by terraces and courtyards with fixed and operable shading and incorporates planting beds and climbers. The courtyard will provide a protected walled garden against the dominant south westerly winds and a secure area for children and small animals.

Materials have been selected for a degree of rusticity (Recycled brick and natural timbers) contrasting against Zinc cladding on the upper level. Selections aim at minimal maintenance.


Passive solar designs, solar hot water and pool heating, insulation, double- glazing and cross ventilation aim to minimize running costs. The house runs off rain water and will connect to existing water storage tanks.

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