The refurbishment of  the Yanakie House and Cabins has allowed me to express my lifelong interest in art, collecting and making. We recreated and modernised the house and 3 cabins, simply bringing life back into the already existing framework. Spaces were refined further with my collections of art and unique ornaments but I was determined to provide a connection to the land. 
I have fond childhood memories of spending Christmas in my uncles VW combi on Warahtah Bay, so when I dsicvered the property I immediately loved the connection I developed with the space, the land and its heritage.


To the East, Foster, Port Franklin and Toora open onto Corner Inlet. The region has a strong aboriginal heritage, nearby is Toora, (which translates from the Koori Gunai as “women who look after the fire and keep the fire alight’. Yanakie, a Koori name from the Gunai language, is interpreted as “ between the waters’ draws strong parallels to it's incredible heritage. To our South West is beautiful Waratah Bay and Sandy Point with their fabulous swimming beaches.