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John Blamey

Wendy Nettle

We are committed to providing client responsive, environmentally sound and sustainable, innovative design solutions. 


We strive to achieve simple not complex solutions.


We believe that architecture should come from principles and processes not cosmetic effects. It should respond to the brief, site, season and life cycles.


We believe that well cultivated and considered architectural design should enrich the lives of those who inhabit it and above all provide a sense of pride and enjoyment.



New house designs are formed with the essence of an idea or a vision. This translates and becomes a story born into the form of space, shape and a three dimensional reality. 

Your space is to be designed for and enjoyed by you. Encompassing the concept of artist design but remaining respectful of primary use of space. Each element must embrace the idea of liveable, whilst invoking a sense of enjoyment and pride. 


We take great pride in the concept of creating a new space from what is present and in existence. Modernising and creating is an opportunity to transform the essence of what exists, into what is wanted and needed. 


When we find ourselves looking for something new it's often we overlook the simple task of re-creating. It's also an investment in yourself. 

Invite yourself to become inspired. Invite yourself to experiment with ideas. Draft, conceptualise and trust the positive manipulation of space and elegant transformation of form with Nettle Architects. 


Beach house design and coastal transformations require a tailored approach, to understand the core of the residence and the dimensions for which it is to be enjoyed. 

We have worked with both rural and coastal properties, and created timeless modern but liveable and architecturally sound designs. From Barwon Heads and the Bellarine Peninsula over the bay to Sorrento, Portsea and the Mornington Peninsula. 


In addition to working on projects in Melbourne and rural Victoria, we are also experienced working internationally. 

We have worked with international clients to draft a variety of work, including school design and villa design. 

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