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Book your design consultation with Wendy. 

Using her years of experience building over 100 homes, she would love to be able to connect with you to discuss the transformation that is possible within your home. 

An opportunity to have an industry expert analyse your space and provide advice on what could be possible with your requirements, taste and budget in mind, including but not limited to: 

  • A project brief based on your information

  • Site and project analysis

  • Research relevant to your project

  • Costs and fees involved with your project

  • An overview of the process, from initial concepts through to construction on site

  • An overview of total costs to undertake your project including other consultants and consents required

  • An overview of time required to successfully complete your project

  • Report back to you with our findings

Please contact us to schedule a call and find out more. 


Message received. We'll be in touch. 

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