This pair of identical townhouses in Malvern were designed for couples who are looking for quality housing but with less garden than they had in their former family homes.


The design ensures that privacy to the street as well as to adjoining owners is maximized and northern sunlight penetration to living areas is used fully.


Generous living areas separated by carefully landscaped courtyards are located at ground floor level and 3 bedrooms, study and associated bathrooms are located upstairs.

The lower floors are to be built in masonry veneer and the eastern and western walls of the first floor are to have two wall skins separated by an air gap. The air gap will maximize thermal efficiency and eliminate temperature extremes. The raised roof in the hall allows indirect natural light to penetrate the centers of the houses and acts as a thermal chimney to pull air through the houses.


The design provides two luxurious, compact, thermally efficient and private townhouses for the owners who will soon be entering a new phase of their lives.






1st Floor62 Glenferrie Rd

Malvern         VIC 3144  

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PO Box 410

Malvern    VIC 3144

0418 561 919

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