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Mermaid Beach Residence, Gold Coast





​I believe in establishing meaningful relationships with my clients and producing beautiful timeless designs that are unique to the individual. 


Design doesn’t stop at the walls. Every choice made is a design decision from art to furniture and it’s often a daunting task for clients presented with a new home or business. For this reason, B.E Architecture offers a level of design service that is as detailed or as broad as the client requires. Our team works in collaboration to create a physical living environment, from integrating gardens to curating and creating unique objects to populate spaces. We refer to this as complete service.

As architects, we develop an intimacy with the building through the process of design that provides us with a deep understanding and respect towards each element that is introduced into the environment. While the landscaping can be one of the most powerful elements, its role is as a support framework for the architecture. It has the unique ability to add a natural softness and makes the passage of time evident. The interior designis a detailed response including all items of furnishings, lighting and custom details that make it feel as though everything is where it should be. We work with our clients to building a collection of unique pieces that feel as though they could have been collected over a lifetime. The integration of a collection of new art has the ability to create a subjective conversation that takes the project to another level.

Period Homes

period home comes with its own unique identity that tells the story of the time and place it came from. We approach these buildings in a manner that is respectful of the originality that typifies a period home, often including decorative and ornate elements. Rather than completely eliminating them or attempting a faux replica, we have designed referential period details that are both appropriate to their context and fit for their modern purpose.

Country Homes

A house in the country is not like a house anywhere else. It has different opportunities and considerations that challenge every aspect of the design to respond to the rural conditions. The directors of B.E Architecture have close, personal experiences with rural properties and their complexities. Through these experiences, B.E Architecture has developed a comprehensive strategy to address all elements, with an understanding of how the dwelling will need to work together within the context of the larger property.

Sydney / Interstate

In addition to working on projects in Melbourne and rural Victoria, we are also experienced working interstate. We have completed multiple projects in Sydney and on the Goldcoast, and are also working on projects in Hobart, South Australia, and Queensland. Regardless of where the project is located, our architects and designers are invested in reaching the same level of service and final projects. This includes site regular site visits from concept design through to construction.

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